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Jasmine cared for her father who had chronic kidney disease… This is her story.

As a young person I supported my father who became unwell in part due to chronic kidney disease. Growing up with a family member living with a chronic disease, such as CKD, allowed me to learn about this condition by observing how it affects people and see first-hand the impact on family members.

My father’s health declined until he eventually required dialysis. My father was on the transplant list for over five years; my family being unaware of the longer wait times experienced by people of an Afro-Caribbean background in the UK. Fortunately, in June 2023 my father received a kidney and since his health and quality of life has hugely improved. Importantly, he has his time and freedom back, allowing him to come and visit me in Cardiff – just in time for my graduation next year!

Being a Kidney Wales Ambassador I hope to reach young people who find themselves supporting family members living with chronic diseases, like CKD. I also wish to reach black and ethnic minority people across Wales, to share the vital Kidney Wales information and resources to improve kidney health for all.