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We have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions relating to fundraising for Kidney Wales

If you are interested in fundraising for Kidney Wales, our team would love to hear from you. You can contact them on 02920 343 940 and [email protected].

Depending on how you have raised your money will determine the best way for you to pay it into Kidney Wales. If you have done all your fundraising through an online fundraising page (e.g. JustGiving) the funds will come straight to the charity. If you have used a traditional sponsorship form to collect your funds you have a few options. We are happy for you to pay by bank transfer or cheque.  Alternatively, you can pay via the donate button on our website however please note Kidney Wales will be charged a fee for this, therefore bank transfer would be the best option to ensure every penny you have raised will come directly to the charity.   

Please note that to be able to claim gift aid via offline donations we do need full details including name and address and authorisation from each person sponsoring you via the sponsorship form.

By Post:
Please make the cheque payable to Kidney Wales and send to Elfed House Oak Tree Court, Cardiff Gate Business Park, Cardiff, CF23 8RS

By Bank Transfer:
Please contact the team on 02920 343 940 or email [email protected] for these details.  Reference: Surname and event

By Phone:
You also have the option of making a payment via phone.

Thank you so much for choosing to raise money for us through Facebook. Facebook is a great way to raise awareness and funds. Although we can see most of Facebook fundraisers, the information available to us is limited. All funds raised through Facebook are paid directly to the charity anonymously. Without your details we are unable to send you a thank you letter and certificate. If you are setting up a fundraiser for us through Facebook and would like a certificate of thanks please contact the team on 02920 343 940 or by emailing [email protected].

There are some brilliant online fundraising pages to choose from. Facebook being one of the most recent to offer this service. Most of our fundraisers will use JustGiving, it is a reputable site, where sponsors are offered the chance to gift aid their donation and cover the admin fee. Alternatively, there is Peoples Fundraising, GoFundMe and more. Have a look at the sites and choose the one that you feel will work best for you. If you need any help setting up your page, please get in touch.

When you set up a fundraising page most of these sites will give the option to select your chosen charity. When you select that you are fundraising for Kidney Wales, they will be able to ensure the sponsorship you have donated on the site will come directly to Kidney Wales. There are some sites, like GoFundMe, that are not solely used for charitable donations. therefore, you are given more options when you set a page up. Kidney Wales should still be there for you to select, but you may also have the option for the funds to come to you for you to then pay it into the charity. We would just recommend that you read everything carefully.

All our fundraisers will receive a fundraising pack including our fundraising guide, blank posters, a guide to raffles and online fundraising, a banner and sponsorship forms. We also have Kidney Wales branded promotional material that we can lend out if required. We have table clothes, pop up banners, collection tins and buckets.  Please let the team know if you think your event will benefit from our branded materials.

Kidney Wales loves to shout about our fundraisers. Depending on your event or challenge we’ll discuss with you the best way for us to promote it. If you are taking on a half marathon or cycle challenge for example, we can use our social platforms to share your fundraising page. If you are hosting a dinner or quiz night, we can publish it with the events listed on our website. We can help you create flyers and posters and share your updates on our website.

The best place to start is by considering your audience. Once you know that you will need raffle prizes you will need a letter of authorisation from Kidney Wales to collect on our behalf. We can send this to you via post or email. Once you have that you are good to go – check out our helpful guide to securing raffle prizes here.

We are a small charity and we are so grateful to everyone who supports us. Donations come through to us in many forms, from a child who has saved up all their coins, to a kind family who have made a donation in memory. We aim to acknowledge and thank everyone. If you have a preference to receive you note of thanks or certificate by post or email, please let us know and we will send it to you.  Please make sure you keep us updated with your fundraising activity so that we can ensure you are thanked appropriately, as sometimes things can be missed if we aren’t aware of your fundraising activity / event.

We hope you were able to find the answer you were looking for.
If you do need to get in touch the team will be happy to help.