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We genuinely couldn’t have gotten through the last 5 years without their support

Terri had been diagnosed with end stage kidney disease as a result of sepsis. She has shared her story with us.

My name is Terri Hart. I am 31 years old, and am a double organ transplant recipient following 3 years of dialysis. I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure after suffering from sepsis. I was receiving treatment for 10 years, before I received a kidney and pancreas transplant.

I would say that my experience with kidney disease has affected myself and my husband in numerous different ways. It had a definite impact on our relationship, as he became a carer for me. I found myself less able to do a lot of the physical things I could do before. It did take a mental toll on us both, and we both had to give up work consequently.

Through my experiences, I did learn that the kidney community really is a kind and caring community. Everybody truly is there for one another, which can be a much needed resource during difficult and challenging times. I have also come to understand that help is there for me should I need to reach out and ask for it. I have definitely been inspired to continue participating in fundraisers for Kidney Wales and have even considered a career as a dialysis tech! Despite this, I do want to experience living ‘normally’ for the time being.

I would like to use this last paragraph to thank all of Kidney Wales for the help and support they have provided me, their entire team and patient advocates where always there for me. As well as these, I would like to thank all the staff at Withybush dialysis unit.