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Kidney Wales have teamed up with Farewill, the UK’s best rated will-writing specialists and winners of the National Will Writing Firm of the Year 2019 to 2022, to offer a free online and phone Will-writing service for a limited time only.

Did you know….59% of UK adults have not written a will (research from Canada Life September 2020).

Making a Will is not something most of us think about, however it is one of the most important documents you will ever prepare. That is especially true if you have specific wishes to be carried out.

With the help of specialists Farewill, you can quickly and securely write your Will in the comfort of your own home. Farewill will have your document checked by a specialist to make sure all your wishes are clear, and all this is completely free. The next step for you will then be to print and sign everything, in front of two witnesses, to make it legally binding, and secure your peace of mind.

Write your will for free today

We appreciate that providing for your family, friends and loved ones will always come first. We do hope you will consider remembering Kidney Wales in your will, there is no obligation to leave a gift to us if you use this service, but if you do choose to remember us, thank you and know that your gift will truly help us support families and change lives.

Every penny of every gift, however large or small, will be invested in our vital work for patients and their loved ones, who endure the daily battles of chronic kidney disease and kidney related illnesses, both in this present time and for those who will unfortunately come to develop this chronic illness in the future.

How to use our free Will service

  • Consider who you want to remember

Think about the people and causes you care about and how you would like to remember them in your Will

  • Write your free Will

               Click here to write your will online.  You will be taken step by step through the Will-writing process with professional support from the team at Farewill – it should take no more than 30 minutes.

  • Get your Will Signed and Witnessed

If you are having difficulty with the online service, you can arrange a telephone appointment with the Farewill team here

Please note

  • This free online Will service is available for a limited time to our supporters in England and Wales. The telephone Will service is available to supporters in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The offer finishes once they’re booked up, which can be before the month’s end. If you have your Will written or updated for free with us, there’s no obligation to leave us a gift. But once you’ve made sure friends and family are looked after, we’d be very grateful if you’d consider it.
  • A team of friendly specialists from Farewill are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm for support, through email or by phone
  • Online Wills may not be appropriate for all circumstances.  Highly complex wills can be supported at a additional cost. 
  • Download our Gifts in Wills guide here