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Kidney Wales Launch “My New Kidney” Book to Aid Children on Transplant Journey

Kidney Wales are proud to announce the release of a new book titled “My New Kidney”. This innovative resource is designed to assist children in Wales who are navigating the complex and often daunting process of kidney transplant.

The project was a collaborative effort involving the talented team at “Get Better Books,” who worked closely with staff at the University Hospital of Wales (UHW) and Kidney Wales. The goal was to create a personalized book that resonates with the unique experiences and needs of Welsh children. “Get Better Books” has a proven track record, having previously collaborated with Great Ormond Street Hospital and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to produce similar supportive literature for children facing various medical conditions. They were thrilled to be approached by Kidney Wales to develop a book tailored for the children of Wales.

An Interactive and Personalized Experience

“My New Kidney” is not just a book; it is a fully interactive tool designed to engage children actively. It provides a detailed, child-friendly overview of what to expect before, during, and after a kidney transplant. Children can colour, document their thoughts, write questions, and draw within the book, making it a truly personalized experience. The interactive nature of the book aims to make the transplant journey less intimidating and more manageable for young patients.

For older children and teenagers, there is a complementary book called “The Passport”. Both books are specifically customized to the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, featuring photos of the hospital’s units and wards, along with maps indicating key locations. This personalization helps children familiarize themselves with the places they will visit for their appointments and recovery, adding a comforting layer of familiarity to their journey.

A Thoughtful Addition to the Transplant Journey

Upon beginning their transplant journey, children will receive “My New Kidney” in a special pack that includes coloured pens and a bag to keep everything organized. Cara, a playworker at the Children’s Kidney Centre in Cardiff, shared her positive feedback, saying, “The books have been received well and are already being put to use with some families. They are a great addition to support the child along the way.”

Corrine, representing Kidney Wales, expressed her enthusiasm for the project: “We are delighted to fund such a fantastic book to help children communicate with staff and help answer some of the questions and concerns along their journey.”

A Bright Future for Paediatric Kidney Care

The launch of “My New Kidney” marks a significant step forward in supporting children with kidney disease in Wales. By providing a tailored, interactive resource, Kidney Wales and their partners are ensuring that young patients and their families feel more informed, prepared, and supported throughout the transplant process. This initiative reflects the charity’s ongoing commitment to improving the lives of individuals with kidney disease, demonstrating the power of collaboration and innovation in healthcare.